Leading Tax Accounting Company Answers to Questions on Day Trading Regulations, IRS Rules and More

The skilled professionals at Traders Accounting, a tax accounting company specializing in services for day traders, understand the complexities of taxation for active day traders. Below you will find answers to common questions on day trading regulations and tax consequences, IRS rules, accounting methods, and more.

Even though Traders Accounting is proficient in IRS rules and day trading regulations, we are more than a tax accounting company. Traders Accounting offers comprehensive business services for traders which include bookkeeping and business planning.

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I was a floor trader in Chicago for over 20 years. All of the traders had their taxes done by one firm in Chicago that specialized in trading. I've got to tell you, Traders Accounting is light years ahead of them. You've got to check them out. It will save you money on your taxes immediately
- Tom Sosnoff, founder, thinkorswim.com