Our full-service accounting and bookkeeping staff enables our clients to focus on trading, not recordkeeping. Detailed monthly reports and seamless tax return preparation assure that our clients remain IRS compliant at all times.

New Account Setup:
this is a onetime charge for new bookkeeping clients.


6 months of pre paid bookkeeping:
A great way to keep up your bookkeeping once your complimentary period is complete or just to finish out the calendar year, taking advantage of yearend tax savings. A $60 savings


12 months of pre paid bookkeeping:
Capture substantial savings and convenience when you prepay for the full year. Simply send in your monthly statements and receive your Balance Sheets and Income Statements. There is not easier way to keep your records in order while you concentrate on your trading. Save over $180 per year!


Whether you need consulting for the best tax strategy for your trading business, would like some coaching on setting up your business accounts, or thinking about dissolving your business; we have the experts here to help guide you.

Service Type:

Resident Agent Fee:
Keep your resident agent up to date with either quarterly payments or 1 annual payment.

Quarterly or Annual:

Pension Plan Administration:
Prepay for your annual pension plan administration, and rest assured that your money is working for you.


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to Losses.

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What People are saying about Us:

I was a floor trader in Chicago for over 20 years. All of the traders had their taxes done by one firm in Chicago that specialized in trading. I've got to tell you, Traders Accounting is light years ahead of them. You've got to check them out. It will save you money on your taxes immediately
- Tom Sosnoff, founder, thinkorswim.com